Custom printed postcards are powerful tools for growth to almost any kind of business. As they have a variety of uses, they have become more and more popular than the conventional letters. With many options and custom sizes, you can easily find a postcard that will satisfy all your business needs. Here are a few ways to use printed postcards in order to advertise your business:

Use as Thank You Notes:
There are many occasions when a thank you note may be needed. A printed postcard is the easiest and probably the most cost effective way to do so. Full color postcards can work as good as greeting cards, without the need of envelopes and higher postage costs, and still delivering the same message. If your customer database is built of high-end clients choose a silk paper stock postcard designed in full color (CMYK), this gives it a richer, classier and sophisticated look.
Make sure that the address label is properly placed. Check everything twice before sending out the mailer.

Use as a Reminder:
Printed postcards can be used to remind your clients of any forth-coming appointments. Keep an eye on your customer database and send the cards whenever required. Sending a reminder note with just a hint of advertising will work in your favor. Make sure that your reminder details and contact info are properly mentioned on the card to increase the chances that the receiver will keep your card for future reference.

Use as Invitations:
Use a custom printed postcard in various sizes as an invitation for any upcoming event. It is one of the best ways to let people know what is new within your company. Be it a new product launch or sales event, the customers will be happy to be in your company’s loop. Design the postcards properly and add some fun elements, go for full color cards as a printing option, and while most printers usually print in the popular CYMK color format don't be shy to ask for metallic colors, spot UV coating and other print "gadgets" to make your card stand out even more.

Use for Announcements:
Keep your customer database always updated so it will be easy for you when you want to send out a large number of invitations and announcements. Design beautiful custom cards that would reflect the announcement's spirit. This is one more way of sending out a new card to your mailing list to keep the customers informed about your company.

The printed postcards can be used in several ways I mentioned above although those are just a few of them. Be it a laminated full color card or a simple one color postcard sent via the Post Office or courier, sending a custom printed postcard is truly one of the greatest advertising and marketing tools available. Make sure to add the company logo and a powerful design to your postcards, and don't forget that they act as advertisement and help you in the growth of your business.

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