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Arrow Shaped Signs

Part Number: CB-COR-24X18-ARROW
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Arrow Shaped Signs
Arrow Shaped Signs


Coldwell Banker arrow shaped rigid 4mm coroplast directional signs.are in most cases used with an H-stake if used on soft ground. They are printed with UV cured ink to keep the color sharp in tough weather conditions. These full color, custom arrow shaped signs are sure to get your clients' attention. 


  2 - 4 business days turnaround     size: 18" X 24"    arrow shaped    full color - 4/4  •  coroplast 4mm  •  waterproof



Please type all information needed for your design. One of our professional graphic artists will e-mail you at least one online proof within 72 hours. We will not proceed with your order before we receive your final approval for the design.

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