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SILK Rounded Corners

Part Number: C21-BC-35X2RCSLK
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SILK Rounded Corners
SILK Rounded Corners


Silk cards are new in the market and have an elegant and unique texture. They are coated with a special matte material that gives the cards a very pleasant silky texture. The full color silk cards are perfect if you want to impress your customers with a card they have never seen (or felt) before.


  2 - 4 business days turnaround    full color on both sides - 4/4  •  elegant, durable, water and tear resistant    soft to touch as natural silk    rounded corners




Please type all information needed for your design. One of our professional graphic artists will e-mail you at least one online proof within 72 hours. We will not proceed with your order before we receive your final approval for the design.

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