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Other Uses of Business Cards
Posted by Victor on 6/29/2012 to Design
Have you ever thought about using a business card for something other than exchanging contact information?
CMYK- The Four Color Process Printing
Posted by Victor on 7/7/2011 to Design
In order to print full color photographic images, most printing presses use the same basic four ink colors. These four colors are placed on paper in layers of dots that when combined they create the illusion of “full color”.
Vector vs Raster- Basics of File Types
Posted by Victor on 5/4/2011 to Design
Ever wondered about the difference between file types and images? Most digital camera owners, graphic designers and graphic designers use two types of computer image files, raster images and vector images. Even though they may seem similar, they do differ in many ways.
QR Codes - The Use of QR in Print and Advertising
Posted by Victor on 3/25/2011 to Design
What exactly are the QR codes? QR codes are very similar to the bar codes we see on products and packaging everywhere. Even though QR codes are similar to bar codes, they allow a lot more flexibility.
Delivering Business - The Power of Custom Printed Postcards
Posted by Victor Dorobantu on 2/9/2011 to Print
Custom printed postcards are powerful tools for growth to almost any kind of business. As they have a variety of uses, they have become more and more popular than the conventional letters. With many options and custom sizes, you can easily find a postcard that will satisfy all your business needs. Here are a few ways to use printed postcards in order to advertise your business:

Be Unique - Stand Out
Posted by Victor Dorobantu on 2/7/2011 to Print

For all working professionals, carrying and exchanging their business cards has become a priority. It is one of the most important investments, and the cheapest way to advertise your business. However, to make maximum use of your investment make sure your card stands out from the rest. For an unique look and design get help from a graphic professional.


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