Have you ever thought about using a business card for something other than exchanging contact information? We can all agree that business cards are one of the most affordable print products. Not only are they cheap, they are small enough to carry around.
Don't underestimate the size, with the perfect design, this little card can have a huge impact. So what exactly are some alternative uses for a business card?

Here are a list of 10 uses:

1. Pocket sized billboards: Inspirational messages people can carry around
2. Coupons
3. Loyalty cards/punch cards
4. Save the date cards/RSVP
5. Sports calendars
6. Hang-tags, clothing tags, product description cards
7. Emergency contact cards
8. Flash cards/ Playing cards
9. Cheat sheet/quick reference card
10. Local mini map card

Sample cards:

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Amie Kincheloe

Date 3/29/2020

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