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I have been attending many social events in the past 3 years and every single time I was surprised to see how many businesses and individuals don't have well designed or at least good looking business cards. Therefore, I decided to give away some of my time and offer a creative alternative to some of these business cards.

Meet BCM, also known as "Business Card Makeover" or #BCM on Twitter and Facebook.

Your business card may be in need for a BCM if:

  • Your card is just plain or ugly.
  • It was "designed" using an online designer à la Vistaprint - Extra points if it has "printed by Vistaprint" on the back
  • It was designed in Word, Publisher or even worse - Excel (yes, we have seen that too)
  • If clip-art was used in the design.

To be eligible for a BCM all you need to do is one (or both) of the following:

"Like" our Facebook page and write why you need a #BCM on the wall.

Follow us on Twitter and Tweet: "Business Card Makeover! RT to win a free Business Card Makeover from @OtherDesigns!"

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